Introducing the THON Weekend Dashboard

Hello THON Community,

The Technology Committee is pleased to announce a brand new website: the THON Weekend Dashboard, located at This site is replacing the PASS System starting THON 2018. This new system comes as result of feedback THON has received from Organizations and THON’s effort to make the THON Weekend experience better for all participants.

The THON Weekend Dashboard, affectionately known as Dash, is designed to handle the complex needs of THON Weekend. Dash encompasses many vital features, including floor pass allocation, building capacity management, Dancer Support Tickets, and much more. Organizations will use Dash to manage their Family Carnival pass lists starting today.

To improve the experience of passholders, an exciting feature that Dash offers is scheduled passes—a new way for Organizations to access the floor during THON Weekend. Each Organization’s pass list will be allocated a total of four scheduled passes per Organization Dancer, and each scheduled pass will provide a passholder with a one hour window of reserved floor time, subject to check on procedures. The precise start and end times of all scheduled passes will be calculated by Dash prior to the THON Weekend pass list registration window. Chairs may then assign their time slots to any member of their pass list. In addition to the new scheduled passes, Organizations will still be able to use Digital Line passes to access the floor.

For questions about the new THON Weekend Dashboard, please contact Ryan Anderson, the Dash Project Manager, at For questions about Family Carnival passes, please contact Natalie Hanson, the Head of Pass, at For more information about scheduled passes, look forward to a future update.