The Layn Burger Family

On August 8, 2006 – just four days before his first birthday – Layn was diagnosed with Wilms tumor. After surgery to remove his left kidney and the tumor, in addition to multiple rounds of abdominal radiation and multiple drug chemotherapy, Layn’s mother learned that his battle wasn’t over just yet. Layn’s cancer had become too aggressive and doctors said there were only two options: stop treatment altogether and let Layn live out his remaining days or participate in a Phase I clinical trial that would cost more than $230,000 and was not covered by insurance. Layn’s mother had a very difficult decision to make and she was concerned about how she would pay for Layn’s treatment. The next day, Layn’s doctors shared that Four Diamonds had offered to pay for the clinical trial so that Layn’s mother could focus on her child getting better.

On July 7, 2007, Layn received his life-saving stems cells – what his family refers to as his “second birthday” – which was followed by 40 days of isolation in the hospital. Layn was finally able to return home in August of 2007, and eventually his daily check-ups turned into weekly and monthly check-ups. Today, Layn is a healthy ten-year-old who has been off treatment for more than eight years!