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Employee Matching

Many companies offer matching gift programs for employees to support their favorite philanthropy. This is a great opportunity to double or triple your donation in helping us make a difference For The Kids!

Each company has its own guidelines for matching. To find out if your company has a matching program, please visit this link.

In order to match a donation:

1.    Ask your employer if they have a matching program for charitable gifts and whether this program is done through paper forms or an online system.

2.    Complete the donor portion of the matching form with your information.

3.    In the charitable organization, please write

Pennsylvania State University. Designation: Penn State Dance Marathon

4.    For the Address field, please write

1 Old Main,

University Park, PA 16802

5.    Mail paper form with check donation or online donation receipt or submit the form online.

6.    The gift will be verified by Penn State Donor Services to the company.

7.    The matching gift of equal amount will be donated to THON crediting the same organization as the individual’s gift.

If your company requires verification by a W9 form, please see this link .

*Important – Please do not fill out any forms sent with checks, turn them directly into the THON office, even if sections are left blank.

The matching gift donation will always be credited to the same organization as the corresponding individual gift. Please refrain from listing the organization name on the matching form to avoid confusion with your employer.Together, we will make a difference in the life of a child.

For more information about company matching, please contact Sydney Boutcher, Finance Director, at