The following are subjects you may consider asking Technology about: 

  • The PASS System
  • The THON Store
  • The THON App

Please contact Cory Gehr, Technology Director at for any uncertainties regarding who to contact for Technology questions. Thank you!

Name Position Email
Cory Gehr Technology Director
Emily Moore Administrative Assistant
Matt Glick PASS Lead Developer
Alex Bauer PASS Developer
Adam Stavely PASS Developer
Nick Doyle PASS Developer
Harleen Sangha PASS Developer
James Bienz Network Developer
Cory Gehr THINK Lead Developer
Mike Campbell THINK Developer
Chay Alvarez THINK Developer
Oliver Vickery THINK Developer
Nick Anderegg THINK Developer
Juan Munoz THINK Developer
Sean Duncan Peer-to-Peer
Luke Brooks Lead Developer
Georgia Konzel Developer
Megan Bergamaschi Developer
Eric Braunschweig THON Store Developer
Zach Deering Special Projects
Douglas Jordan Mobile Developer