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The following are subjects you may consider asking Morale about:

  • What to expect as a dancer THON Weekend
  • How to prepare for the physical stress of dancing in THON
  • Where to deliver mail for dancers to receive during THON Weekend

Please contact Vicky Brauer, Morale Director at for any uncertainties regarding whom to contact for Morale questions. Thank you!

Name Position Email

Vicky Brauer

Morale Director

Maggie Glass

Administrative Assistant/Intra-committee Liaison

Stephanie DiMuzio

Commonwealth Campus Liaison

Cameron Rowe

Dancer Registration/E.M.S.

Natalie Wainger

Dancer Relations/E.M.S.

Olivia Garbett

Dancer Relations/COMM Liaison

Victoria Brauer

Dancer Storage

Hunter Fraker

Dancer Storage

Maria Warchola

Dancer Wellness

Cody Lind

Entertainment/Events Coordinator

Eric Deberardinis


Alek Tomazin

Family Relations Liaison

Danielle Galipo

Mail Call

Chris McKeown

Mail Call

Seth Galluzzi

OPP/Rules & Regulations Liaison

Chris Dudek

Supply Logistics/Hospitality Liaison

Torri Singer

THON Weekend Development

Eric Tarosky

THON Weekend Development

Caroline Sheep

Timeline Logistics

Alyssa Keenan

Training and Development

Samantha Agostino

Yellow Shirt Relations/Public Relations