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THON Weekend Update: Entrance Plan Registration

We have been closely monitoring the weather conditions for this Friday, February 20, during the timeframe in which Entrance Plan will be taking place. As of now, there exists a Wind Chill Advisory, which includes the University Park and State College areas. Temperatures during Entrance Plan will be well below freezing with a high wind chill. With the safety of our volunteers at the forefront of our decision-making, we have modified the Entrance Plan to avoid registrants standing in line for extended periods of time in freezing temperatures.

Childhood Cancer Series: Part 5

2 Days Until THON: Lymphoma

The two main types of lymphoma are Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Lymphomas start in certain cells of the immune system called lymphocytes. They most commonly grow in lymph nodes, but can also affect the bone marrow and other organs. Symptoms of lymphoma include weight loss, fever, sweats, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes under the skin in the neck, armpit or groin.

Childhood Cancer Series: Part 4

3 Days Until THON: Wilms Tumor

Wilms tumor, also called neuroblastoma, accounts for 5% of childhood cancers. Wilms tumor starts in one, or rarely both kidneys, and shows up as a lump or swelling in the abdomen. This type of tumor is most common in children who are about 3 or 4 years old. Symptoms include fever, pain, nausea or poor appetite.

Katelyn Bernard Family Story

Childhood Cancer Series: Part 3

4 Days Until THON: Neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma begins forming in the nerve cells found in a developing embryo or fetus. About 6% of childhood cancers are neuroblastomas. This type of cancer only occurs in infants and young children under the age of 10. Although this tumor can start anywhere, it usually develops in the abdomen and appears as swelling. Along with the swelling, this type or tumor can also cause fever and bone pain.

How Four Diamonds Fund Impacts

The Andrew Creasy Family

Childhood Cancer Series: Part 2

5 Days Until THON: Brain & Central Nervous Tumors

Tumors in the brain and central nervous system are the second most common cancers found in children. There are many different types of brain tumors, making up 26% of all childhood cancers. The treatment and outlook for each case is different. These tumors usually start in the lower parts of the brain. The tumors can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred or double vision, dizziness and trouble walking or handling objects.


Gabby Chapman Story

Childhood Cancer Series: Part 1

In 8 days, 15,000 student volunteers will stand together against childhood cancer for 46 hours. Childhood, or pediatric, cancers are different from those seen in adults because they are the result of genetic mutations inside cells that take place early in life, sometimes even before birth.

Spotlight on Hershey Staff Series Part 3

We Dance because #CancerCannot Win


THON Weekend 2015: 708 Dancers

We dance in just 15 days! For THON 2015, we have 708 dancers that will represent THON's mission by standing for 46-hours, FTK.

Spotlight on Hershey Staff Series Part 2

Spotlight on Hershey Staff Series

No Hair Don't Care

PJ Tatano, Junior, began the fundraiser “No Hair Don’t Care” 2 years ago to benefit his organization, The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. This fundraiser focuses on showing solidarity with children who have lost their hair through chemotherapy treatments. This year, the event will be held by the Special Events Committee and will give students across the campus an opportunity to support the organization of their choice by shaving their heads for THON weekend. Below, PJ will explain his journey with NHDC as well as how you can get involved this year!

THON Alumni Challenge

Dear Penn State Alumni,

For decades, Penn State University has been home to thousands of students, alumni, donors and supporters who are taking action in the fight against childhood cancer. While THON has grown to become the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, the tradition and values of this University and this organization remain the same as they did 43 years ago.

THON Weekend 2015 Update: One Month until THON!

THON Weekend 2015 is only ONE month away! Below is a list of updates about the  pre-THON entrance plan, parking and the Pass system:
Pre-THON Entrance Plan
  • Entrance Plan is the time period before we open the doors to the Bryce Jordan Center, where organization members and spectators may line up to enter for the start of THON Weekend.

Kayla's MLK Blog Post


Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "what are you doing for others?" 

Martin Luther King Day is a day of service because of all that he did for others; it's about being selfless.

Ways to Spread THON's Mission This Holiday

Tis' the season for giving back! We hope you are all enjoying your winter break and spending time with family and friends! Although we may be on break, the fight against pediatric cancer doesn't stop, so neither do we! There are many ways to spread THON's mission this holiday, but we picked a few of our favorites!

1. Arts and Crafts Drive

Storify: THON Hockey

On Saturday December 12, THON Families and Student Volunteers gathered to support PSU Women's Hockey and THON at Pegula Ice Arena. At the conclusion of the game, everyone enjoyed a free skate! If you missed out on the event, check out our recap below!

THON Weekend 2015 Update

December 20, 2014: Two months until THON Weekend 2015!

There are just two months until THON Weekend 2015! Below there is more detailed information concerning updates for entering the BJC, the PASS system and the Dancer Support Ticketing Program.

Digital Line Management System:

     All spectators in the BJC will have a digitally coded bracelet.

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11 moments that defined 100 Days til' THON

1. Photobooth pictures with the Lion!

100 Days Til THON Timeline

100daystimeline-01 (1).png

Harvest Day with Carl the Conqueror


Introducing... Carl the Conqueror!

Storify: 2015 Theme Reveal

THON 2015: Empower The Dreamers Theme Description

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Introducing: THON e-Learning Management System

Fundraising Safety Workshops, previously offered on-campus and facilitated by THON Captains, will now be offered through an e-Course online platform, known as TeLMS: THON e-Learning Management System. The newly created TeLMS site features an e-Course of brief quizzes and videos that aim to accomplish the overall goal of volunteer safety. Rules & Regulations Volunteer Safety Director, Jack Small, expects the new e-course to continue the goals of the on-campus workshops by improving upon the communication and distribution of our volunteer safety protocols.

Committee Updates: Communications


Committee Updates: Name Change for Morale Committee

In order to more accurately reflect the role of the Morale Committee in the THON community, Morale will be renamed the Dancer Relations Committee. The implementation of this change will begin in the THON 2015 season.

The Dancer Relations Committee will continue to fulfill the duties the Morale Committee previously handled, which include: coordinating logistical components of the dancer experience, planning various pre-THON and THON Weekend Events, and ensuring the physical safety and emotional well-being of the Dancers throughout THON Weekend.

Committee Updates: Event Safety & Volunteer Safety

For THON 2015, Rules & Regulations will be comprised of two separate Committees, Event Safety and Volunteer Safety. Read below to see how these Committees are working to improve the safety and security of THON:

Event Safety:

Committee Updates: Entertainment & Family Relations

The Entertainment and Family Relations Committees have some exciting changes for THON 2015! Read below to find out what they are:


THON 2015 Calendar Update

Changes have been made to the THON 2015 calendar of events. Originally, the first Canning Weekend coincided with the religious holiday Yom Kippur.

New Spring Captain Positions for THON 2015

There are new Spring Captain positions for THON 2015! Applications can be found on and are due online and in 210 HUB by 5pm on Monday, April 21st. You can learn about the new positions below:

Communications: Campus Outreach-Faculty (1) 

Redefining The Possibilities Around The World

In the years since its inception, THON has seen a huge amount of growth in terms of fundraising, involvement, and support. During THON Weekend, a livestream is made available to the public so that any THON supporters, even those outside of State College or the US, can follow along with the weekend's events. Supporters from around the world tuned into the livestream, especially for the final four hours and total reveal one week ago today. Here are a few of your stories.

From Barbara Hannan