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2014 Summary of Fundraising Activities


The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon strives to maintain its transparency to the public. With the multitude of charities today, THON recognizes the responsibility it has to provide all of its donors, volunteers, and supporters with updated information on the effectiveness of both their time and donations.

Because THON is a completely student-run organization, it has a unique ability to maximize each donation, ensuring that no child ever gets denied cancer treatment because the family cannot afford it. With THON’s donations, Four Diamonds at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital can provide each family with access to superior care, comprehensive support, and innovative cancer research.

The following information contains the official Summary of Fundraising Activities for the THON 2014 fiscal year, from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. All donations to the Penn State Dance Marathon are tax deductible. Our federal tax ID Number is 24-6000-376. Donations are processed by the Penn State Office of University Development and will be receipted by the University.

Two notable aspects of this Summary of Fundraising Activities:

  • 99.33% Charitable Commitment: The total contributions to Four Diamonds, which exceeded $13.33 million last year.
  • 96.09% Fundraising Efficiency: The percentage of private donations remaining after the event management, development and operations expenses to receive them. Last year, less than 4 cents were spent to raise every dollar.

THON 2014 Summary of Fundraising Activities

Summary Detail
Beginning Balance - July 1, 2013 $186,274.67
Sources of Funds
Gifts from Individuals $11,246,187.70
Corporate, Foundation and Small Business Gifts $1,746,191.91
Fundraising Events $539,811.44
THON Store $248,243.06
Total of Fundraising $13,780,434.11
Uses of Funds
Event Management $233,385.18
Operations and Administrative $176,617.95
Development $98,006.21
Total Expenses $508,009.34
Four Diamonds Fund $13,336,675.18
Ending Balance - June 30, 2013 $122,024.26

Note: The THON Store's expenses have been deducted directly from its own revenues, and the profits are included in this Summary of Fundraising Activities.

Any questions can be directed to Austin Sommerer , Executive Director, at